Basic Goat Manager                                               

                                                  Goat Herd Management Software                                       

                    “Simple and Easy to use for the Beginner”

Centric Software, Inc.  has created a Software program for the breeder that is simple and easy to use without all of the bells and whistles. One that is for the serious Goat breeder, but one that only wants to enter the minimum amount of data but still be able to make management and genetic selection decisions. With easy to follow screens, specially designed reports and many other features to make your record keeping easier.

Basic Goat Manager can improve profitability with the least amount of data and is easy to use and very powerful. Best of all, Basic Goat Manager is only $149.95. Centric Software offers unlimited technical support from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday thru Saturday.


   You Can Increase $$$ Profits by these Simple Methods    

  • Track Milk Production
  • Milk Production Reports
  • Track Herd Productivity
  • Track Four Generation Pedigree Data
  • Track Performance Data
  • Track Feed Consumption and Cost
  • Track Total Cost for each Animal
  • Track Accurate Breeding Data
  • Track Sales By Customers
  • Track Rotational Grazing
  • Track Unlimited Number of Animals
  • Track Electronic ID's
  • User-Defined Reports that allow you to create custom reports
  • Export User-Defined reports to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word.
  • Calculate Projected Kidding Dates
  • Track Wool Production
  • Track Show Results
  • Track Weighing Data and Performance
  • Can be used chute side (laptop) or in the office.
  • No Annual Telephone Support


                                             Program Features

  • Track Milk Production
  • Milk Production Reports
  • Detail Buck, Doe, Kidding, weaning and yearling records
  • Four Generation Pedigree Records
  • Multiple pasture breedings
  • Multiple AI breeding
  • AI semen inventory
  • Calculates % breed as required, including back kidding
  • Herd health records
  • Customer profile tied to purchases
  • Purchase and sell data with customer names etc
  • Prints Mailing Labels.
  • Enter Memo Fields
  • Screen display on Does with previous Kidding data
  • Track various cost by individual animals
  • Enter previous Kidding data for Does, calculates pedigrees
  • Setup pasture locations
  • Easy to use data entry screen for purchased Lambs
  • Track Feed Charges and Pounds By Animal
  • Complete charges detail report by animal showing special fees, and ration consumption along with ration cost.
  • Track Drug Usage.
  • Track Total Wool Production
  • Track Individual Shearings
  • Setup Wool Color Codes
  • Setup Breed Codes.

New Added Features   

  • You can now Back Up your Data by using the built in back up program.
  • You can Restore your Data from your Back Ups.
  •  Print Sale Invoices for Animal Sales
  •  Latest Technology, Track Ultra Sound Data for each individual animal.
  •  Track Pasture Movements
  •  Track Deads
  •  Track Electronic Ear Tags
  •  New Screen Displays
  •  On line electronic manual  touch F1 key throughout program for help
  •  Default Animal Names


  • Vendor Id's
  • Track Commodity Purchases Period To Date, Year To Date
  • Vendor Reports


  • Setup User-defined Commodities
  • Track Incoming Commodity Pounds and Dollars
  • Track Commodity Inventories
  • Track Commodity Waste
  • User-Defined Cost
  • Add Markup To Commodity Cost
  • Commodity Reports


  • Setup User-Defined Rations
  • 10 Commodities Per Ration Maximum
  • Automatically Calculates ration cost
  • Ration Markup
  • Ration Reports

  System Requirements

  • Windows
  • Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000. Windows 7.0 (32 or 64 Bit Available)
  • 133 Intel Pentium or faster 
  • 30 MB free hard disk space, (100 MB recommended)
  • 512 MB RAM minimum required
  • 100% Windows Compatible - mouse and keyboard required

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                                      * additional charges for shipping and handling $10.95
                                                     Requested Printed Manuals $50.00
                                                 (F1 help options included in software)   NO CHARGE
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